Rules - Please read before posting!

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Rules - Please read before posting!

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Once you settle and are ready to jump in with a post or reply, please review the below first.

If you have any questions about whether something you plan to post will violate any of these rules, or if you see something that you think could be out of line, drop the admins a note.

Let's keep things as they were able to work for so long on bz: loose, friendly and fab.

General rules which will be updated as needed so check this post regularly:
  1. Be kind
    This will usually resolve most issues before they start.
  2. Protect each others right to privacy
    Don't reference any users private information (e.g. names, phone, email, location, etc.) without their direct permission. “Doxing” or providing links to private information with the intent to harass, bully, or abuse will result in an immediate ban.
  3. Do not attach audio or video files directly to this forum
    We are not hosting any media content directly on this server. All references or posts that involve content should be in the form of a link to any one of the many cloud hosting platforms that are available: Mega, Sync, YouTube, etc, etc, etc.
    Pictures are welcome whenever an interesting link is posted!
  4. Do not try to sell your bootlegs here
    All links are posted for educational purposes only. Anyone making an attempt to purchase or sell bootleg material will be warned or banned at admin/mods discretion. This includes aiding and abetting the for-sale production and/or distribution of tracks first shared here.
  5. Do not post any links or instructions for downloading existing or planned official releases
    Official releases are available through plenty of official channels and there's no reason to risk any problems by trying to bypass those.