Twist And Shout Stereo Mix & Music Video

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Twist And Shout Stereo Mix & Music Video

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Well, Bootlegzone has come and gone. I had some files to upload here, but then Bootlegzone crashed. I thought it would blow over in a couple days. But then days turned into weeks. Then weeks turned into months. Months into years. So on.

I had at least 3 system crashes since then. (Stupid Computer..) But hopefully this time will be more stable. Here's a new stereo mix that I prepared of the 1963 hit, "Twist And Shout"! Accompanying this is a new music video from one of many Beatles videos that I have stored in a special folder. It was synced badly, so I fixed it a bit with the new mix I prepared.

Link Available for One Week.

Interested in any/all Bootlegs. Sometimes I make my own.
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