Studio Collection (Unicorn)

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Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by pumma4 »

although this is tagged already i think it will still need a bit of touching addition this is NOT the 2017 fixed up version you can see mentioned in the back artwork..its the much older 2000 version..

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Re: Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by beatleross »

thanks for this,it looks quite interesting
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Re: Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by BTL1210 »

AWESOME - Thank you.
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Re: Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by jpa »

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Re: Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by deldave »

Thanks for the addition.
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Re: Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by Mrbeatleg »

I'm confused, you show the back artwork as the UC-178 release here in your post but the download contains artwork for the UC-076 release.

Which is the one we have here?

and why have both back inlays to make it confusing?
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Re: Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by gonchichi »

RMW 840 (pitch, phase and levels corrected at Remasters Workshop 2012) is below, thanks to Yves: ... IN9_JNVL3Q

Info from blurry scan:
Track 1: Includes Various Excerpts From The 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' Sessions,
Some Previously Released On Bootleg, Taken From The Anthology Video Soundtrack,
But Also Includes Some Very Brief Snippets Previously Unreleased On CD.

Tracks 2-6: Various Alternate Mono & Stereo Mixes, From Vinyl 45s, LPs & EPs.

Track 7 & 8: Studio Outtakes 17.10.63, Includes Two Incomplete Takes, 12 & 13.

Track 9: Is A Stereo Remix Made On 10.11.66, Done By Mistake For The 'Beatles
Oldies' LP. This Version Runs On A Hair Longer Than On The Vigotone Release.

Tracks 10-14, 16-19: Various Stereo & Mono Mixes.

Track 15: Session Excerpt From The January 29 1964 Pathe Marconi Studios, France,
An Edit Piece Take 10, Previously Released On 'Fanthology' YD 068/69.

Track 20: A Composite Mix Of Takes 1 & 5, These Two Takes Have Been Carefully
Spliced Together To Give Double Harmony Vocals On The Intro In Stereo.

Track 21: An 'OOPSed' (Out Of Phase Stereo) Version Of The Three Part Harmonies
Overdubbed Towards The End Of The Track.

Tracks 22 & 23: Both These Tracks Have Received New Overdubs From The Original
Sound Effects Tape Reel From 1.11.67.

Track 24 & 25: Mono & Stereo Mixes From The LP.

Track 26: Alternate Mono Mix From Acetate, Taken From Yellow Dog's 'Acetates' CD.

Track 27: Stereo Film Mix, Taken Directly From The Video Release.

Track 28: Composite Mix Created From Two CD Sources, 'Down In Havana' & 'Turn Me
On Dead Man', Making It The Most Complete Version To Date, Lasting 30 Seconds Longer
Than What Has Previously Been Available.

Track 29: An Upgrade In Sound Quality To What Has Been Issued On Earlier
CD Releases. This Track Has Been Taken From A Video Recorded Off Air, Screened
By The BBC In 1990.

Track 30: A New Mix Of The 'OOPSed' Official Recording, Overdubbed With An
Unknown Vocal Only Track, Recorded By Paul Between 17-23 July 1969.
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Re: Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by JPM7756 »

Thank you. Very nice compilation
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Re: Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by BTL1210 »

Thank you Gonchichi / Yves for the upgrade
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Re: Studio Collection (Unicorn)

Post by Much2Much »

Thank you to pumma4, Gonchichi and Yves.
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