Elvis Follow that dream

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Elvis Follow that dream

Post by georgefromhenley »

Hi - are there any downloads available for albums from the Follow that dream label?
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Re: Elvis Follow that dream

Post by GP10Ellison »

the rules don't allow links for other artists.

1. Only Audio/video links embedded from YouTube and Vimeo. Let me know if other sites should be added here.
remember when you were in The Beatles? and the song goes, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”? You.. you remember that?


Uh.. is that true?

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Re: Elvis Follow that dream

Post by Gringo557 »

That's the movie Elvis was shooting when Tom Petty met him. :D
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Re: Elvis Follow that dream

Post by ToddS »

Try this Website: Faltonia .
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Re: Elvis Follow that dream

Post by zaval80 »

FTDs and lots of other Elvis goodies including books were available at Guitars101, but not that long ago sharing of FTDs and books there was stopped. But, some nice Memphis Recording Service releases can be still found there :D Some guy also maintains his own work, the complete set of Elvis in the '50s. Also, I think some FTDs are on [not allowed], and some other can be found through The Yandex search.
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Re: Elvis Follow that dream

Post by Kwai Chang »

Three lifetimes wouldn't be enough for the FTD series!
We do the equivalent but Beatles only.
Much of FTD is not as good as Stay Away Joe... but, I too am a sucker for The Power Of My Love!
Beatles loved him but then they passed him by!
So much for Patrio-Militar-Supremacy!
Surrender to either!
But surrender!

Soon Elvis will be...nevermind! Try and archive as much as possible...ASAP!
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Re: Elvis Follow that dream

Post by rtbcIII »

PM me and see.
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Re: Elvis Follow that dream

Post by Mr Hankey »

Go to Guitars 101
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