Copy everything off your DVDs to a HD soon!

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Re: Copy everything off your DVDs to a HD soon!

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therowdyman wrote: Mon Jun 10, 2024 8:07 am DVD-Rs don't last forever. I have some that are starting to go bad.

These days, there are media playing options to rip the disc's ISO and play those files without the need of anything physical.
My custom has for years been to rip any dvd I buy to separate mkv files. I absolutely hate DVD menus! Especially the slow ones that cycle through images like a slow web page from 1998, or play spoiler music . Then there's all the other stuff you're forced to sit through every time you put the disc in. Bleah. You can also append lots of data to mkv files, for later reference.
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Re: Copy everything off your DVDs to a HD soon!

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Curious thread. All of my discs play fine. Thousands of DVD movies, DVD Data and Blu Ray data discs. Converted all the CDRs years ago to dvd data discs. Over 10,000 of them. Pull them out every once in a while to pull a file or load them to a hard drive. I always have the project pending of getting it all to hard drives. The only bad ones I come across have the labels on them, but I realized that a long long time ago.
If you want to ditch your discs you can send them to me. I’d give them a shot.
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