Anyone have access to this?

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Anyone have access to this?

Post by Phil_Lip »

From reddit.

'I get access through my uni, and it has almost everything that's been broadcast on British TV while I've been alive. It's all searchable by description and closed captions.'

'The search tool though is amazing. This is probably the only streaming site that lets you search a specific date range for shows. The database behind this service must be an absolute metadata goldmine...

The EPG is pretty much hit-and-miss with any show that isn't aired on the BBC or ITV. I don't know why an educational tv database needs an EPG though... I'm guessing some functionality is shared with Britbox.'

'Better yet, there is no authentication sent with the video requests, not even a check on the ip. So long as you know the url of the video you can download it without signing in.

Not that I would myself, a decade's worth of television history is too hot of a target for me.

But really the content on there is amazing, full copies of the broadcast including continuity anouncements and advertisments. Like having a window through time to that of the original broadcast.

EDIT: further information, there are over 2,000,000 videos however less than 10,000 of them are older than 2007, when the BBC started Redux.'
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Re: Anyone have access to this?

Post by BDJ »

"Access is only available within the UK to everything apart from the BBC news reports."
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