Spectralayers 10 AI seperation

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Re: Spectralayers 10 AI seperation

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Rupert Pupkin wrote: Fri Jul 14, 2023 5:53 am will you do a new Star Club with these A.I tools ? (I'm not convinced by Dae Lims A.I Beatles Cavern contrary to his amazing work with Brian Wilson; but he used an A.I voice model; not A.I tool to enhance the voice and extract the voice or boost the voice)
I've always wondered why you were so fascinated by this show. I have keep all versions you put out (and there have been many versions you know ? ;) ); including of course Magnetophone.
I have always liked the raw power energy of the band; wish the voices could be clearer.
I remember the Peter Gunn or James Bond guitar-lick during I Saw Her Standing There.
No too much work for only an incremental improvement. Many of the vocals are buried too deeply to be retrieved, that was always the problem.
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Re: Spectralayers 10 AI seperation

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Tried a couple of isolations (2) with Spectralayers and in both cases the results were worse than demucs.
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