REQ: Spanish, French, German EP Collections

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REQ: Spanish, French, German EP Collections

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I be lookin' for treasure upon the Spanish Main (and French, and German, and..).

Yes, does anyone have rips of the EP Collections from Spain, and France, and Germany (or another European country) in FLAC, and with the artwork? I find the configurations of the 4-song EP format in various countries really interesting, and the differing artwork/photos used. I've bought several 'real-life' European EPs over the years, but they're expensive (even in bad condition) and there's just too many of 'em.

The Spanish and French ones especially have some great sleeves, and often with photos not often seen (see 'The Beatles Lighting Up' in the attached image!).

Thankin' yer most kindly!

The Cap'n.
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