EVOLVER (Instant Karma)

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Kwai Chang
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Re: EVOLVER (Instant Karma)

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Rui wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 12:26 pm Also Could Anyone Do A Re-up Of Instant Karma, Thank You!!!
3 different Lord Reith heaping Tablespoons...
stir well!
hxxps://we.tl/t-AwDj5qsqxh <------ReUp of 3 different Instant Karma
I'm almost sure of it!
Thank You , Lord Reith
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Re: EVOLVER (Instant Karma)

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Thank You Mr. Kwai Chang!!! :D
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Re: EVOLVER (Instant Karma)

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Rui & All,

If you missed my Yesterday versions, you can grab them again for 1 week with password of 092849 at hxxps://we.tl/t-xq8u7pKjUE

As a bonus, I added my stereo mix down from the 5.1 version of Instant Karma I made about 3 years ago.

Enjoy, Rog
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