Guy Garvey Celebrating Revolver with Giles Martin

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Guy Garvey Celebrating Revolver with Giles Martin

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This is a link to a BBC radio program, first played October 16th and available for 28 days only. Titled - Guy Garvey's Finest Hour - Celebrating Revolver by The Beatles with Giles Martin. During the show which runs for 1 hr 54 min he speaks with Giles Martin about the Revolver album for only about 23 minutes in 6 segments. Part 1 is the most interesting, with Martin demonstrating the breakdown of part of Taxman using the new Peter Jackson audio technology, in stages he removes every instrument and vocal down to Ringo's snare drum only, very cool (IMO ).

Part 1 starts at 17.26 min
Part 2 49.39 min
Part 3 1 hr 5 min
Part 4 1 hr 15 min
Part 5 1 hr 30 min
Part 6 1 hr 38. 55 min

This post came from the Show Us Your Beatle's Collection page on facebook.
Extract from facebook page below, re info on access outside UK,
I'm sorry if people outside the UK can't get it, (use a VPN 😉).
I'm in Australia but had no problems.
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