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Purchase question

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Hey all. I am on a weekend getaway out of my home town, and as such I hit up the local record shops. I was in one this afternoon and in their front case they had a Beatles Second Album. The reason it was in the case was that it was a misprint. The vinyl has side two on both sides of the record. The labels have side 1 and 2, but the songs pressed in the actual vinyl is just side 2 twice.

My question is... They're asking $250 for it. What are your thoughts on that price for it? Good? Bad? Meh? I know part of paying for collectables is "what is it worth to you". And on the one hand, that's a pretty cool misprint. But on the other hand, is it worth $250? Thoughts?
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Re: Purchase question

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Is it an original Capitol label? Matrix number on the record? That may hold some clues as to where and when it came about.
Does it also have the misprint of I Call You Name on "Side 2"?
There doesn't appear to be anything about this on the internet.
Just food for thought...

Ultimately it will boil down to "what's it worth to you?"
If it were me, I'd be skeptical, and probably wouldn't be buying it to resell to a collector. But I wouldn't be into it for $250.
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