John Lennon's Juke Box

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John Lennon's Juke Box

Post by Sheldi »

Hey, does anyone have any idea what records were actually on the Juke Box featured in the film?

I'd like to do a playlist, A Sides & B sides,

They did issue a compilation in conjunction with the documentary, which contained only 34 A sides, and 7 B sides. Not all the recordings on the CD are the versions John would or could have heard or wanted ... Some Other Guy By The Big Three from the 70s???

There is a picture of the index list with some of the items, but I'd like to have a complete and authentic list of what was actually on it.
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Re: John Lennon's Juke Box

Post by sam004 »

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Re: John Lennon's Juke Box

Post by tdgrnwld »

>Some Other Guy By The Big Three from the 70s???

I can imagine JL wanting this in his jukebox. Reputedly they were his favorite group in the Liverpool scene (can't remember where I read that). Maybe the 1973 version was all he could find.

Elvis Costello recalls the Big Three's rendition of "Some Other Guy" here:
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