Gemeente Amsterdam (Valkyrie)

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Re: Gemeente Amsterdam (Valkyrie)

Post by hkb »

thanks for all those valkyry
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Re: Gemeente Amsterdam (Valkyrie)

Post by 20YearsAgo »

Thank you for this and all the other Valkyries you've shared!
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Re: Gemeente Amsterdam (Valkyrie)

Post by alphabeatles »


For fun I compared Henry's Blues from this set to the official soundboard release (Wild Life [disc 2]), and this boot audience version runs a bit slow, so I can't easily do my magic syncing.

Otherwise, I am not aware of any other soundboards from this night, as 1972-3 WINGS OVER EUROPE (2018 box bonus CD) used other nights that same month.
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Re: Gemeente Amsterdam (Valkyrie)

Post by RunoutGroove »

Thank You Fast Lucky.
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Re: Gemeente Amsterdam (Valkyrie)

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Thanks again Fast Lucky.
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Re: Gemeente Amsterdam (Valkyrie)

Post by beatlesnyttigt »

Thanks for this one too Fast lucky :D Robert
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Re: Gemeente Amsterdam (Valkyrie)

Post by Rewi »

Fast lucky wrote: Fri May 20, 2022 1:08 pm Here is Gemeente Amsterdam (Valkyrie VAL 026). XX = tt

Thank you very much!
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